Chief Directorates

CD: Strategy

Purpose: To manage the development of Human Settlement strategy.


1. Provide spatial planning and management services.

2. Provide and maintain a Human Settlements master plan.

3. Provide a Human Settlements Strategy management services


CD: HS Planning

Purpose: To manage Human Settlements planning.


1. Provide an implementation planning framework.

2. Provide research and development services.

3. Provide Delivery Channel Management services


CD: Stakeholder Relations and Intergovernmental Relations

Purpose: To manage stakeholder Relationships and Intergovernmental Relations services.


1. Implement Intergovernmental Relations Frameworks.

2. Provide stakeholder liaison services.

3. Manage international relations services.

4. Develop, manage and support implantation of community Driven Housing

Initiative and related programmes.


 CD: Operation Policy Framework

Purpose: To manage human settlement policy framework development.


1. Provide a macro policy framework.

2. Provide a policy development framework.

3. Oversee an accreditation policy framework


CD: Governance Framework

Purpose: To manage compliance to Human Settlement government frameworks.


1. Provide sectoral transformational programmes and initiatives.

2. Provide Research services.

3. Provide operational compliance policy frameworks.


CD: Advisory Services

Purpose: To advise on the project integration, quality assurance and provide assistance to the

portfolio committee.


1. Provide project integration services.

2. Conduct project quality assurance.

3. Provisioning of Parliamentary Committees Management Services


CD: Programme and Planning

Purpose: To manage the conceptualisation and planning of Human Settlement strategic programmes and



1. Provide programmes and portfolio planning services.

2. Provide delivery agreements.

3. Provide project resourcing inputs.

4. Provide project risk management services.


CD: Programme Implementation Facilitation

Purpose: To manage the implementation and facilitation of Human Settlement projects.


1. Provide programme implementation support.

2. Provide support to informal settlements upgrading projects.

3. Provide implementation support to provinces and municipalities for the unblocking of stalled projects.

4. Provide ensure regulatory support and oversight of the Rental housing &

Community driven housing initiatives sectors and dealing with tenant protection issues.


CD: Programme Monitoring and Evaluation

Purpose: To manage the monitoring and evaluation of Human Settlements projects.


1. Provide monitoring and evaluation services.

2. Provide monitoring and evaluation impact assessments to entities and policy.

3. Manage the integrity of data and the quality of housing information, establishing suitable

verification mechanisms, ensure availability of the information for ease of use, and ensure aligned reports at various for


CD: Corporate Support

Purpose: To manage corporate services to the Department.


1. Provide security management services.

2. Provide facilities management.

3. Provide registry and records management services.

4. Provide library and information services.


CD: Information Management Systems and IT Systems

Purpose: To manage Management Information Systems and Information Technology Systems and Infrastructure support services.


1. Provide Management Information Systems.

2. Provide Information Technology Systems .

3. Provide Information Technology Infrastructure and business application and systems support.


CD: Human Resources

Purpose: To manage Human resource Management services in the Department


1. Provide Human Resource Management support services.

2. Provide labour relations services.

3. Provide Human Resource Development services.

4. Facilitate Organisational Transformation services.


CD: Legal Services

Purpose: To: manage legal services for Human Settlements.


1. Provide legal advisory/ litigation services.

2. Provide contract management services.

3. Develop Human Settlements related legislations


CD: Communication Services

Purpose: To manage inter and intra communication services to the Department.


1. Provide corporate communication services.

2. Provide media services.

3. Manage and coordinate public information and marketing services.


CD: Enterprise Architecture

Purpose: To oversee the enhancement of Human Settlement operations through effective Enterprise Architecture services.


1. Provide Enterprise Architecture establishment and enablement services.

2. Provide Enterprise Architecture monitoring and control functions


CD: Technical Capacity Development

Purpose: To manage the development of the technical capacity of the HS industry.


1. Provide technical development programmes to the Sector.

2. Facilitate projects to professionalise Human Settlement Sector.

3. Provide technical training and skills development to the Sector.


CD: Regulatory Compliance Services

Purpose: To manage regulatory compliance services.


1. Provide Human Settlements Legislation and Research monitoring services.

2. Provide oversight management and policy advocacy to the Department’s entities.


CD: Investment Officer

Purpose: To manage the allocation and utilisation of Human Settlements funding.


1. The sourcing and monitoring of Human Settlements funding.

2. The co-ordination of the distribution and utilisation of Human Settlements grants.

3. The ensuring of equitable lending practices for home loans.


CD: Financial Management

Purpose: To manage and facilitate financial administration services.


1. The providing of management accounting services.

2. The providing of financial accounting and internal control services.

3. The providing of supply chain management services.


CD: Internal Audit, Risk Management


Purpose : To manage departmental risks, internal audit and special

investigations services/ functions of the Department.

Functions :

1. Manage the internal audit services/ functions.

2. develop, implement and monitor the Departmental risk policy and plan.

3. Manage and co-ordinate the special investigation functions/services.


CD: Executive Support

Purpose: To provide executive support to the Office of the Director General.


1. Provide Parliamentary service to the Department.

2. Provide Executive and Logistical support to the Office of the Director-General.

3. Provide corporate secretariat service to various committees and governance structures.

CD: Governance Framework