DHS Branches

Director-General of Human Settlements

Mbulelo Tshangana
Director-General of Human Settlements

Purpose: The purpose of Office of the Director-General is to provide leadership to the Provinces in order to promote and facilitate the provision of adequate Human settlements.


  • Ensure the development of policy frameworks to support human settlement delivery.
  • Oversee integrated Human Settlemet strategic and planning services.
  • Oversee the execution of human settlement programmes and projects.
  • Oversee the provision of Human Settlement operational services.
  • Oversee the provisioning of financial management services.
  • Oversee the provisioning of corporate services support.
  • Manage the activities of the internal audit, special investigation and risk management
  • Oversee the provision of executive support.

Contact Details

Moipone Ngoasheng
Acting Office Manager to
Director-General of Human Settlements
Tel: 012 421 5247

The Chief Directorates reporting to the Director General 

  • CD: Internal Autit, Risk Management and Special Investigation
  • CD: Executive Support


DDG: Strategy and Planning

Neville Chainee
DDG: Strategic & Planning (Caretaker)

Tel : 012 421 1621

Purpose: To oversee integrated HS strategic and planning services.


  1. Oversee stakeholder relationships and Intergovernmental Relations services.
  2. Oversee the development of Human Settlements strategy.
  3. Oversee Human Settlements planning services.

The branch comprises the following chief directorates:

DDG: HS Delivery Framework

Zoleka Sokopo
Acting DDG: Human Settlement Delivery Frameworks

Tel: 012 421 1782


Purpose: To manage human settlement delivery frameworks.


  1. Manage development of human settlement operational policy framework.
  2. Manage compliance to governance frameworks.
  3. Advise on the project integration, quality assurance and provide assistance to the portfolio committee

The branch comprises the following chief directorates:

DDG: Programme and Project Management

Joseph Leshabane
DDG: Programme Management Unit



Purpose: To oversee the execution of Human Settlement programmes and projects.


  1. Oversee the planning of Human Settlement programmes and projects.
  2. Oversee and facilitate the implementation of Human Settlement projects.
  3. Oversee the monitoring and evaluation of Human Settlement projects.

The branch comprises the following chief directorates:


DDG: Corporate Services
Nelly Letsholonyane

Tel: (012) 444 9190

Purpose: To oversee the provisioning of Corporate services.


  1. Manage the Corporate Support services to the Department.
  2. Manage Human Resource Management services.
  3. Manage Management Information Systems and Information Technology Systems and Instratructure Support services.
  4. Manage communication services to the Department.
  5. Manage Legal Services.

The branch comprises the following chief directorates:

DDG: Chief Operations Officer

Sindisiwe Ngxongo
DDG: Chief Operation officer  

Tel : 012 421 1770


Purpose: To oversee the provision of Human Settlements operational services.


  1. Oversee the enhancement of Human Settlements operations through effective Enterprise Architecture services.
  2. Oversee the development of technical capacity in the Human Settlements industry.
  3. Oversee Regulatory Compliance services.
  4. Advise the Director-General on matters related to management of operations of the Department

The branch comprises the following chief directorates:

  • CD: Enterprise Architecture
  • CD: Technical Capacity Development
  • CD: Regulatory Compliance Services


DDG: Chief Financial Officer 

Funani Matlatsi
DDG: Chief Financial Officer

Tel: 012 444 9054


Purpose: To the Department finances and Human Settlements funding.


  1. The managing and facilitating of financial administration services
  2. The managing of the allocation and utilisation if human settlements grants

The branch comprises the following chief directorates:

  • CD: Investment Officer
  • CD: Finance Management