Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Projects

The Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme is a subsidy established by government which aims to provide the poor and the low to middle income households with access to adequate housing.
Qualifying households for this subsidy are those that in the gap market that is - those that do not qualify for a fully subsidised house and at the same time they do not qualify for mortgage loan from the banks. These are families earning between R3501.00 and R22000-00 per month.
Individuals who are unable to secure a mortgage loan may apply for the allocation of a vacant serviced stand.
The subsidy will be used to decrease the mortgage bond and is only applicable to persons who have never been assisted by the state. It will be disbursed as a once off subsidy towards the repayment of the bond. The subsidy attaches to the beneficiary and not to the property.
The subsidy may be used to
  • To buy new or old residential property
  • To buy a vacant serviced residential-stand, linked to an NHBRC registered homebuilder contract; or
  • To build property on a self-owned serviced residential stand, through an NHBRC registered homebuilder