Call for nominations of persons to serve on the Ministerial Policy & Legislative Review Team & Municipal Capacity Support Programme Panel

The National Department of Human Settlements (NDHS) hereby calls for nominations of qualifying persons to be appointed on a 2 year contract to serve on the Policy and Legislative Review Team (POLERT) and Municipal Capacity Support Team (MCSP). The above teams shall consist of not more than 15 members each and will be led by a chairperson as appointed by the NDHS from the selected panelists.

Expertise: The panel of individuals should possess the following expertise:

  1. Knowledge of human settlements policies and legislation, ability to undertake research on jurisprudence, provide legal interpretation against existing legislation, and draft reports based on recommendations.
  2. Knowledge of human settlements policies, ability to undertake research on policy compliance, provide policy advise against existing human settlements policies and programme interventions and ability to draft reports based on findings, and also the ability to write  professionally and articulate matters cogently and credibly.
  3. Extensive experience in housing human settlements programme, experience in handling accreditation of housing functions, understanding of the rationale on powers and functions of various spheres of government, project management, audits, costing, understanding the organisational structures, operations and financing of the public service, extensive experience in local government management environment, and local government policies and legislation.

Qualifications: The panel of individuals should possess the following qualifications:

  1. For municipal support - An Honours Degree (Social Sciences, Economics, Finance, Development Planning, Town and Regional Planning, Public Administration, and Built-Environment Sciences). A Masters Degree and above will be an added advantage.
  2. For policy and legislative review – A LLB Degree, Honours in Public/Social Policy or Economics, Poverty and Development Studies. A Masters Degree and above will serve as an advantage.

Scope of work:

  1. Assist the Department to review its macro policies such as 1994 White Paper, Comprehensive Plan for the Development of Sustainable Human Settlements 2004 (Breaking New Ground Strategy)  including existing International Treaties, commitments such as the New Urban Agenda, etc and analyse implications and make recommendations for consideration by the Minister.
  2. Assist the Department to review human settlements legislation, existing court judgements (jurisprudence), analyse implications and make recommendations for consideration by Minister.
  3. Development and implementation of a comprehensive municipal capacity building programme covering Implementation of the National Municipal Capacity Support based on the new approach towards the accreditation of municipalities which will include facilitation and provision of support to the accredited municipalities and Provinces for the review and conclusion of the Implementation Protocols between the Provinces and Municipalities and ensuring that there is compliance in the application of the Implementation Protocols, facilitation of coordinated cooperation between provinces, municipalities, human settlement entities, sector departments and other relevant stakeholders and that capacity support plans are actualised as agreed upon and a combination of some of the following according to need:


  • Alignment of the human settlement value chain processes, programme and project management as well as alignment of various human settlement grants, financial management, budgeting, and payment processes, human settlement systems, business plans, human settlement sector plans based human settlements chapters of the Integrated Development Plan, master plan and catalytic projects as well as Municipal readiness.

NB: Individual contracts will be issued to selected panelist covering remuneration through the standard applicable professional
rates as determined by the Public Service Regulations will apply.


Enquiries: Mr. Miyelani Ntlemo Office: 012 421 1319 Mobile: 076 411 3748 e-mail:
Reference Number: DOHS/04/2018

Proposals and or comprehensive CV’s must be submitted to: The Department of Human Settlements on or before 30 March 2018 by
posting to: The Department of Human Settlements, Private Bag X 644, Pretoria, 0001 or be hand delivered at Department of Human
Settlements, 260 Ruth S Mampati Building, Justice Mohamed Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria.

Press Release Date: 
Friday, March 23, 2018