Eradication of title deeds' backlog remains the priority of the Department of Human Settlements

CAPE TOWN - A TOTAL of 117 116 title deeds have been delivered to beneficiaries of Government’s low cost housing programme over the past two financial years, says Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) chief executive officer Bryan Chaplog.

Briefing the Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements in Parliament on progress made in the eradication of the current backlog, Chaplog said the next two financial years would see “a waterfall of delivery” on this “very important and emotive issue”.

“All systems are in place. We expect to deliver 271 048 title deeds by the end of March 2017. This is made up of the backlog as at July 2014 and projects delivered thereafter,” he said.

The EAAB, which is tasked to project manage the eradication of the backlog by the Department of Human Settlements, said the institution had divided the title deeds programme into two, the pre-1994 stock and the post 1994-stock.

The pre-1994 stock – which has been prioritised for eradication by 2017 - was made up of a backlog that totalled 83 628 title deeds whilst the post 1994 stock was 734 429, bringing the total backlog to 818 075.

Members of Parliament (MPs) however expressed concern about the pace of delivering title deeds in the country, arguing that the processes could be speeded up “dramatically”.

Acting Director-General in the Department of Human Settlements Neville Chainee said the Department and everybody else needed to remain optimistic based on the progress made given the historical inherited backlog.

“We will fall on our swords if we have to. There is a sense of urgency on our part and we are taking responsibility for this. The reality is that we are starting from a very low base,” he said.

The National Department of Human Settlements had to take a more interventionist and activist role if it was to achieve these targets, Chainee told the Portfolio Committee.


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Press Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 30, 2016