Human Settlements welcomes the Commission for Gender Equality Report

The Department of Human Settlements welcomes and notes the report released yesterday by the Commission for Gender Equality. In the report the Commission noted with concern the lack of adequate infrastructure and shelter to support victims of gender-based violence.

The Department is working on a Special Housing Needs(SHN) programme that will among others cater for women who are victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV), people with disabilities who cannot independently live on their own , children with special needs , etc. This programme was crafted  in conjunction  with other government departments such as Department of Social Development, Department of Health , Department of Correctional Services and other relevant parties such as NGOs , CBOs.

The Department always priorities the needs of women in the allocation of houses as they are more vulnerable within the society.  The Department remains committed to fighting gainst gender injustices and the scourge of gender-based violence that has engulfed the country, and is working with all government departments in making sure that there is an end to this country-wide problem.


Enquiries: Xolani Xundu on 083 788 5747

Issued by the Department of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation



Press Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 25, 2019