Integrated human settlements and title deeds for the poor a priority

The Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation, Ms Lindiwe Sisulu told the Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation that South Africans must celebrate the more than 4 Million houses built since 1994.

The Minister told the Portfolio Committee that in 2004 a new plan to build integrated human settlements was approved and all municipalities should be implementing the plan. “In 2004 we launched a new plan, in 2005 we launched catalysts projects like the N2 Gateway, Cosmo City, Savanna and Zanemvula to test this new way of building houses of different inclined groups with both social and economic amenities” Sisulu said. The Minister added that both title deeds of council houses pre 1994 and those built after 1994 must be prioritized.

“Title deeds will allow our people to hand over their properties to the next generation and we will work with municipalities and provinces to prioritize this” Sisulu

The Minister will share details of the human settlments priorities at the Department Budget Vote speech on July 9, 2019.

Issued by Ministry of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation.
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Press Release Date: 
Wednesday, July 3, 2019