Media Statement - 11 January 2013

Stakeholders to the Special Lenasia Intervention Team (SPLIT) are drawing closer to finding an amicable and lasting solution to housing crisis in Lenasia. The Stakeholders consultative meeting was held in Lenasia this morning.

Represented at the meeting were the National and Provincial Departments of Human Settlements, the SA Human Rights Commission, the Legal Resources Centre, community representatives from Lenasia South Ext 4, Lenasia Ext 13 (both legal and illegal occupiers), Ennerdale and Lawley.

Today’s meeting forms part of ongoing consultation to finalise the Lenasia Intervention Framework (LIF), which will guide the process going forward on how the situation in Lenasia is resolved.

Each stakeholder was required to make submissions on how best to deal with the situation, and this process has helped the SPLIT to work collectively and to bring speedy resolution to this matter. In a another meeting on 08 January 2013, the Department of Local Government met with the SAHRC to deliberate on the SAHRC submissions, which eventually will form part of the this framework.

The submission of the Greater Lenasia Residents Association was presented to the Intervention Team at this morning’s meeting. These submissions will be deliberated on, together with others at a meeting to be held on Friday, 18th January 2013.

"Minister Tokyo Sexwale emphasised that this will be an All-In process, where all parties must have a say and participate in finding a solution to this matter. The different stakeholders to this team are in agreement that thorough engagement and consultations are important, and I am glad to say that we are moving very well towards the finalisation of this matter”, said chairperson of the meeting, Neville Chainne, acting Director-General at the National Department of Human Settlements.

It should be emphasised that all the evictions and demolitions have been suspended. However the meeting noted with concern and is making a plea that all illegal constructions and occupations must come to an end immediately.

For further information please contact Motsamai Motlhaolwa DLGH on 079 897 2240, Isaac Mangena -SAHRC on 071 884 8273, Xolani Xundu 083 788 5747 – Human Settlements

Press Release Date: 
Friday, January 11, 2013