Media Statement - 18 December 2013

Human Settlements Minister Connie September will today Wednesday, 18 December 2013 give treats to the children at Sarah Fox Children’s Convalescent Hospital situated in Silvertown, Athlone.

The Minister will also hand over Christmas gifts to the children and thank the staff who diligently cares for the kids.

After Sarah Fox died in 1948 at the age of 71, a Children’s Convalescent Hospital was established by her Trust as per the clause in her last will & testament in 1961. The aim of the hospital is to provide the professional care that is often necessary to allow full recovery, once the critical stage of the child's disease or disorder has been treated.

The hospital assists underprivileged families who do not have the finance or the facilities to nurse their children after acute illnesses or burns. The Sarah Fox Hospital is an essential link in the treatment of children, breaking the cycle of recurrence of sometimes-fatal diseases.

The hospital mainly operates with volunteers who assist in keeping patients usefully busy, there is also a group who dress up as clowns and entertain the patients every Monday as well as outings they are invited to which allows a lot of spoiling and reminds them they are important and cared about.

Sarah Fox Children’s Convalescent Hospital is all about teamwork which includes the children, the staff, the volunteers and donors who support the hospital to function at all times.

Date: Wednesday, 18 December 2013
Time: 14:15
Place: CNR Klipfontein & Petunia RD, Silvertown, Athlone

Issued by the Ministry of Human Settlements.

Enquiries: Vusi Tshose: 0835815265

Press Release Date: 
Wednesday, December 18, 2013