Media Statement - 29 October 2012

Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale has expressed determination to crack the whip by following the money to ensure that provinces do not under-spend.

In terms of policies and the law, the minister does not spend therefore cannot under-spend since funds are transferred to provinces for them to spend.

The Department is ware that some provinces are not financially where they should be by now regarding their expenditure.

Minister Sexwale has consequently last week convened a special meeting of all Human Settlements MECs to alert them about the possibility of under-spending by some of them.

All MECs agreed that they will undertake recovery plans, which if approved by the Minister, can be implemented in order to ensure delivery of houses and improvement of informal settlements to as many beneficiaries as possible in terms of human settlements targets.

The Minister was emphatic and said: "As in the past, we shall not hesitate to apply intervention measures by taking funds from under-performing provinces and transferring them to those that are doing well for the sake of delivery to our people.”

The Minister remain assured by Human Settlements MECs that they will put their shoulders to the wheel in respect of the avoidance of poor planning as well as scaling up efforts around project management. These constitute two of the biggest challenges faced by provinces.

Issued by the Ministry of Human Settlements

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Press Release Date: 
Monday, October 29, 2012