Minister Sisulu and Peters declare Knysna Housing Development a National Priority Project

KNYSNA, Western Cape-History was made when the Minister of Transport Dipuo Peters and the Minister of Human Settlements Lindiwe Sisulu signed an agreement to transfer 72 hectares of land from SANRAL to the Housing Development Agency (HDA) for the development of Integrated Human Settlement project.

The land, previously reserved for the extension of a national road passing near Knysna is partially occupied by people who work in the area. At the handover ceremony held on Friday, 19 February 2016, Ministers declared the development a National Priority Project.

“We declare this development that will start after 18 months a catalytic project, we will ring-fence funds for the first 500 units and they should be complemented with social amenities, we want to see clinics, schools and business centres, we also no longer build houses where people have to travel long distances for services”, said Minister Sisulu.

Minister Sisulu said it was unacceptable that after 21 years of freedom there are still severe inequalities in our communities.

“It is not right that such inequalities still exist, the wealth you see in holiday homes and the poverty you see in black people’s residential areas is not fair. Nobody should live like this, our people live in appalling conditions where there are no services and some even erect shacks under high voltage of electrical servitudes”, said Minister Sisulu.

Minister of Transport Dipuo Peters said she is very happy to see the land transferred to Human Settlements for the purposes of building decent homes for the people. “My department cannot sit on the land and do nothing while people live in squalor conditions”, said Minister Peters.

Minister Peters also added that the hand over of the land by SANRAL to the HDA for the development of human settlements furthers the upliftment of the local people.

The development will be integrated with different tenure options, which will include rental accommodation, Breaking New Ground (BNG) houses and bonded houses.

Housing Development Agency, an entity of the Department of Human Settlements has been tasked to manage the development that will see the dignity of the people restored.

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Press Release Date: 
Sunday, February 21, 2016