Minister Sisulu Calls For Tougher Actions Against Individuals Blocking Development In The City of Cape Town

Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation, Lindiwe Sisulu has called for strong and immediate actions to be taken against individuals who are preventing people from being moved into their new homes in the City of Cape Town. This after reports that a group from Cape Town informal settlements has been demanding job opportunities.

The demands from the group include, that the transportation of the housing beneficiaries from Joe Slovo in Nyanga to their new homes in Forest Village, be given to them as a business opportunity.

“There cannot be any justification for interfering with rightful beneficiaries being moved into their homes, particularly at this crucial time when we are all trying everything within our power to save the nation from the impact of COVID-19”, said Sisulu.

“Over the past few weeks Provinces have heeded our insistence that they should accelerate the allocation of houses to qualifying beneficiaries mainly from the informal settlements. Together with the MECs we have been doing this because we fully understand the unacceptable conditions in which too many of our people find themselves in mainly in our informal settlements where social distancing becomes a dream”, said Sisulu.

Close to 100 people are expected to be moved into their new homes in the City of Cape Town this week and this unfortunate opportunistic behaviour stands in the way of qualifying beneficiaries and their lives being changed for better.

Minister has called for responsible leadership in our communities and in Joe Slovo specifically by isolating individuals who undermine government service delivery and stand in the way of developments.

Enquiries: Please contact McIntosh Polela, Ministry Spokesperson on 079 563 1625 or

Press Release Date: 
Thursday, July 9, 2020