Nelson Mandela Metro turning the corner in housing delivery

NELSON Mandela Bay’s Department of Human Settlements has turned the corner in its efforts to upscale service delivery, says acting Executive Director Mandla George.

“We have been able to get contractors on site to build houses on scale, using all available capacity, under strict performance compliance,” said George.

Working with the Housing Development Agency (HDA), as an implementing agent of the three spheres of government following a Cabinet sanctioned intervention in the Metro, established contractors are under strict instructions to produce as many units as possible.

“We have also reinvigorated the beneficiary management system, and we have an approval rate that takes into consideration the production rate. No contractor should lie idle because of beneficiaries,” he said.


Chatty 1060: Eight contractors are on site and 23 construction contracts signed. Construction has commenced with 106 foundations completed, 20 houses at wall plates and nine at roof level.

Joe Slovo West: Sixteen contractors are on site and 36 construction contracts signed. Site clearing has commenced and more contractors are expected to be on site, resulting in more units being produced.

Soweto on Sea: Thirty one units are at different stages of construction, nine foundations completed and 24 sites cleared.

Walmer Area Q: Contractor has completed all 161 units with approved beneficiaries in this project that was launched in November 2015. The focus is now on getting approvals for the 16 outstanding approvals.

Sisulu Village: Eight units have been completed, 18 are at wall plate.

Motherwell NU29 Phase 2: Progress is still very minimal. Appointment letter for an engineer has been issued for the structural assessment of the units under construction, complete and complete without Final Unit Report. This assessment will assist in the designing of the timber deck, the staircases and upper level partition. Once all this is complete, the project will then be enrolled with NHBRC to comply with the requirement to the non-compliance that was issued.

Tyriville: The contractor has moved back to site and started with completion of four units. Five more houses are underway and contractor committed to finalize the project in the middle of June 2016.

Missionvale 2400 (207): The pre-planning exercise for the installation of services for 207 units is progressing well and planning to have the contractors on site during June 2016. Contractors have been called in to establish their readiness.

Joe Slovo – Uitenhage: A challenge with underground water on three sites has been sighted as deterrence to building on the sites. Investigations have been commissioned to establish the extent of the challenge and mitigations will then be solicited from the directorate concerned.

Chatty 491: Construction has commenced on site and 20 foundations have been completed at this project meant to benefit military veterans. Even though there has been progress, work has stopped because of funding challenges.

George said the following months would see all these areas being major construction sites, where many small, medium and macro enterprises, artisans and local workers will benefit from work and job opportunities.

The material suppliers would also benefit immensely as many construction materials like bricks and cements would be bought. The Metro expected to build over 4 000 houses in these areas.

“There will be a lot a training opportunities for local contractors and otherwise, whilst the National Urban and Reconstruction Housing Agency (NURCHA) is geared to provide funding for the small business at very favourable conditions,” said George.

Small businesses should take advantage of the NURCHA funding opportunities, in order to ensure that they get the necessary cash liquadity to run their projects.


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Press Release Date: 
Thursday, June 2, 2016