Press Release - 23 June 2015

Port Elizabeth-Contractors and Developers attending a two days’ workshop (22 - 23 June 2015) to address their concerns and also share information on human settlement Programmes of the Metro resolved to build better relations with the Metro, National and Provincial Government to fast track housing delivery.

The workshop was convened by the National Department of Human Settlements, the Provincial Department and the Metro to share details of how the Cabinet approved partnership of the three spheres aimed at fast tracking housing delivery in the Metro will work.

In addition the workshop also shared details of how the three spheres of Government will review project management and implementation procedures in order to enhance transparency and better project implementation in the Metro.

The Workshop also forms part of the recently approved intervention in the Metro led by National Department of Human Settlements to assist the municipality with fast tracking human settlements delivery. Other Departments which form part of this intervention include National Treasury, Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs and Water and Sanitation.

The Minister of Human Settlements, the MEC and the Executive Mayor committed to ensuring that all concerns of the developers and contractors are speedily addressed.

"I can speak for all spheres of Government, National, Provincial and Metro, we are more than committed to ensure that the outcomes of the workshop are attended to and implemented to build a better working relationship between the Metro and all service providers. We also commit to conduct ourselves in a transparent manner and also fast track housing delivery, our focus must always be to serve the people" Sisulu told the Acting, Acting Director General, Mbulelo Tshangana after he briefed her on the outcome of the Workshop.

Enquiries: Ndivhuwo Mabaya
Head of Communications
Ministry for Human Settlements
Cell: 0836457838
June 23, 2015

Press Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 23, 2015