Response To Articles Regarding Leadership Positions In The African National Congress

We welcome and appreciate the interest shown regarding developments within the African National Congress (ANC), especially those relating to its upcoming National Conference.

This is not the first time that Minister Sisulu's name has been drawn into this space. As she indicated time and again, she is a disciplined member of the ANC and fully cognisant of its policies and processes and has always taken direction and deployment from the ANC and its structures all her life. As such she wishes to distance herself from attempts that seek to invoke her name in any premature campaigning for positions. Such efforts are a distraction, with the effect of derailing those deployed in government from focusing on the tasks at hand.

The ANC is blessed with an abundance of leadership talent. Unfortunately discussions about leadership risks being abused for purposes that may be divisive. Let the discussion be about what the country needs rather than serve as a platform for the vilification of comrades.

The public should be requested to protect the discipline of the ANC and the campaigners should not campaign in the name of the Minister.

Enquiries: Ndivhuwo Mabaya


Issued by the Ministry of Human Settlements

Press Release Date: 
Saturday, February 18, 2017